Склад в Китай

Склад в Китай

Warehouse in China is the ideal solution for buying Chinese goods wholesale and retail. Read more about the benefits of our warehouse and the services we offer.

Our Warehouses In China

Our warehouses in China – the perfect solution for your business Our warehouses in China are among the most modern and well-equipped warehouses for storing goods in the region. They are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to buy Chinese goods wholesale or retail. Our warehouses offer many advantages to our customers.

Fully Secured

Our Warehouses are fully secured with 24/7 CCTV coverage.

Airconditioned Space

Our houses are fully Airconditioned to keep the temperature suitable.

Temperature Control

We can adjust the Temperature & Humidity according to need.

Storage Of Goods

Our warehouses in China offer ideal conditions for storing goods. We have a large storage space for goods that is fully secured and maintains optimal temperature and humidity.
This way we can guarantee that our customers’ goods will be stored in perfect condition until they are shipped

It is located in an area where large trucks are allowed to enter 24 hours a day.
In the central part of Guangzhou and all suburbs, the movement of large trucks is allowed only after 20:00.
Other advantages of the warehouse in China is the perfect location, convenient for transporting the goods to the port itself, as it has access to the appropriate highways. The warehouse is located in close proximity to the port.
A staff of 10 is available 24 hours a day.

A Team Of Professionals

Our warehouses in China are staffed with the best professionals in the industry. Our workers are experienced and trained to load goods and perform all necessary operations. They have years of experience in the field.

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